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Environmental badge for foreign vehicles registrations - Euro D Schriftart

6,45 €

inkl. 1,03 € (19.0% MwSt.) & inkl. Standart Briefversand (Deutschland), andere Versandarten gegen Aufpreis wählbar

You are about to buy an original, licensed environmental badge incl. an official Document-Seal.

Please note the item description.

Delivery only on presentation of your vehicle documents. Information about submission can be found below and on the Ordering Guide page. In the shopping cart you will also find an upload form.

Upload-Form (click here or scan the QR code with your smartphone)

QR Code for JotForm form

Your licence number and our seal are printed with a laser printer. This makes the printing UV-consistent.

This offer is for foreign-registered vehicles.

Depending on the emissions category you will get a green, yellow or red Badge.


  • Your Licence number and our seal will be mechanical printed
  • UV-consistent laser print the green sticker (yellow and red are labeled)
  • Valid for all environmental zones in Germany
  • Official approved
  • Official authorised Permit-No: BY-5-05-0583-63
  • diameter green 84mm

After you bought your environment badge, you need to send us a copy or a picture of your car registration documents and as far as it is possible – a copy of your registration documents or a copy of your vehicle title.

Without this verification, we are not able to issue your environment badge!

Your vehicle has to fulfil the regulatory requirements to get the Badge. We do not sell Badges for vehicles that do not fulfil the regulatory requirements!!

If you like to, you can check your Badge-colour over here: Plakettenzuteilung

You can send us your vehicle data via the following ways:

via Upload-Form: Upload Formular

via WhatsApp, SMS: +49 (0)176 56952441 (photo)

via Fax: +49 (0)911 6880867

via Mail: feinstaubplakette@gmx.de

(It can be a picture of your Documents, made with your Mobile Phone Camera, Digicam or similar)

via Post: Auto Roth – Fichtenstr. 66 – 90763 Fürth – Germany

If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: 0049 - (0)911 – 6722118

If your Documents and the payment reaches us until 5 p. m. (MEZ) the badge will be produced and shipped within one working day.

Because of the personalization there is no right on withdrawal. The environment badge is made after customer´s specifications and because of that it will not be taken back.

You do get an invoice with evicted sales-tax (19%).

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